Supply Chain Management
& ECommerce Shopping Cart
Manage Inventory and Sales for best performance.

ACommerce Application

Inventory Management

Based on advanced reporting maintain right inventory and increase sales.

Custom Shopping Cart

Enable sales to customers directly via customized shopping cart.

Customers & Vendors Mgmt

Using vendor management suite effectively manage all vendor activities.

Warehouse Management

Track inventory at multiple sites along with support for multiple bins.

ACommerce® Supply Chain Management Overview (click to view)

Disclaimer: All person names, addresses, store product images provided in this video are for demo purposes only and not intended to represent anyone, any product, or specific location.

Secure web based system, that helps to efficiently manage inventory and sales along with support for multiple sites, manufacturing, warehouse management, logistics and vendor integration, along with custom designed shopping cart.

Inventory and Order Management

  • Track Inventory at Multiples Stores and Warehouses

    Track Inventory at multiple sites at SKU level, along with support for multiple aisle and bins.

  • Multiple Invoice/Bills Formats

    Depending on organization requirements, columns visible in Invoices/Bills can be customized.

  • Customized Shopping Cart

    Sell products and services via customized shopping cart, with support for store credits and promotions.

  • Customized Pricing per Store Location

    Manage pricing per store location for each product and service at SKU level.

Manufacturing and Vendor Management

  • Support for Product Assembly

    Purchase Order supports sale of preconfigured Product assembly. During Manufacturing stage along with support for production scheduling, each assembled product can have unique Serial Number and Warranty information.

  • Just In Time (JIT) Inventory Procurement

    With backorder support, reduce Inventory Storage costs, and procure items only when required.

  • Receive/Make Payments

    Receive/Make Payments linked to Invoice and Bills. All transactions are registered with Ledger linked with Chart of Accounts.

  • Advanced Vendor Contracts Management

    Manage vendor contracts and agreements with advanced vendor management suite.

Supply Chain and Asset Management features

Advanced Analytics

Big data processing support for analyzing data from multiple supply chain modules, with support for generation of multiple types of statistical reports, enable effective monitoring and scaling of business.

ECommerce Shopping Cart

Sell products and services effectively by hosting customized online stores and web content, with support for enhanced logistics and fulfillment services via multiple global warehouses, stores and distributed teams.

Consulting Services

Along with ERP customization based on organization needs, custom shopping cart design, implementation, maintenance and hosting are available via our Consulting Services team.

Logistics and Vendor Integration

Supply Chain Management suite enables to efficiently integrate stores, warehouses, suppliers and manufacturers. Optimize packaging and shipping costs based on order type and quantity for better results.

Advanced Financial Statements

Track all types of transactions including estimates, procurements, and sales with support for multiple tax types (sales tax, vat, gst) and generate advanced financial reports including P/L statements. Reconciliation based on statements also ensures accurate accounts balances.

Assets Inventory Tracking

Tracks all organization assets using master checklist with optional bar coding, including information for insurance and warranty details for each asset. Track stock and cycle count with advanced inventory reports. Also manage building/site premises with maintenance and case management.

ACommerce® Online Shopping Cart Demo (click to view)

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Disclaimer: All person names, addresses, store product images provided in this video are for demo purposes only and not intended to represent anyone, any product, or specific location.


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