Human Resources
Manage all phases of HR, Recruitment to Retirement.
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ACommerce Application

Recruiting & Screening

ATS (Applicant Tracking System) supports full recruitment life cycle including screening and onboarding along with custom Job Portals.

Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service automates several tasks like updating employee information, also perform all related employee activities.

Performance Management

Performance Management module supports 360 degree feedback approach, for both individual and corporate goals.

Timesheets & Expenses

Digital timesheets and expenses modules, along with benefits management enable easy integrations with Payroll data.

ACommerce® Human Resources Management Overview (click to view)

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Secure web based system, that helps to efficiently manage all employee records, including goals and objectives, and helps maintain positive work environment, helping companies build a competitive edge.

Job Postings and Recruiting

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

    Track Job Applications from both external Job applicants and also from existing Employees. Pre-Screen applicants based on multiple criteria and can be easily shortlisted for hiring best talent.

  • Jobs Listings Portal

    Show latest Job openings on company specific Jobs Portal and accept Job Applications with multiple questionnaire.

  • Background Checks Verification

    Track background verification for employment, education credits, professional references, licenses, credit checks, drug testing reports and several other screening tests as required.

Benefits and Payroll Management

  • Benefits Enrollments

    Track costs and plan details for both Subscriber and Dependents for all benefits enrollments.

  • Calculate Payroll costs

    Calculate Payroll details based on all applicable costs including both Federal, State and Country taxes. Generate multiple reports based on Payroll expenses per each organization or region.

  • Vacation & TimeOff Accruals

    With support for multiple calendars depending on work location, all timesheet hours entered for Vacation and Timeoff are validated against employee's accrued hours.

Centralized HR Data with advanced security settings with easy to use configuration screens, with well organized data presentation, increases HR Management productivity and also help organizations realize full potential of all employees.

Timesheets and Expenses

  • Multiple Timesheet Layouts support

    Depending on work location & department have different timesheet format, including support for overtime hours.

  • Project based hours allocation

    For Project implementation teams, track hours worked on each phase of the project.

  • Expenses & Claims Management

    Track Expenses & Claims requests and approvals, and also manage expenses linked to individual cost center.

  • Vacation & TimeOff Approvals

    Keep business operations focused with well managed employee timeoff requests. Auto accrue hours based on hours worked.

Performance and Employee Records

  • Performance Reviews

    With Support for 180 and 360 degree Feedback, along with support for adhoc reviews, using custom generated templates, feedback can be received from both internal employees and external contacts.

  • Company and Employee Goals

    Setting goals along with employee development plans enables everyone be focused with company goals, and increases employee engagement along with providing accountability & recognition.

  • Employee Self-Service with Access Controls

    Some of the employee information can be self updated by employees with field level security access.

  • Multiple Organizations support

    Setup multiple organizations across multiple locations with different cost centres.

Performance reviews enable aligning employee goals and objectives with organization goals, and helps facilitating effective communication throughout the organization. Performance reviews also helps build harmonious relationship between employees and line managers.

Human Resources Management features

Advanced Analytics

Big data processing support for analyzing data enables generation of multiple types of statistical reports based on workforce data, which enables effective hiring and scaling of business.

Employee Self-Service

With secure access controls some of the employee information can be self updated by employees with field level security access. Keep business operations focused with well managed employee requests.

Hire Best Talent

With support for multiple criteria based pre-screening, support for multiple interview panel members and feedback process, hire the best talent.

New Hire Onboarding

Automate employee onboarding with any number of steps and new employee can complete all required forms as required.

Employee PreScreening

PreScreening employees helps reduce risks associated with hiring new workforce, and also helps with Regulatory Compliance, increases Safety and Security, and also reduce Employee turnover.

Manage Costs Effectively

For most organizations payroll expenses are one of the major costs. Managing time and expenses effectively will help control payroll expenses. Track all expenses linked to individual cost center allocated per organization unit.

Multiple Timesheets Layouts

Depending on work location & department, multiple timesheet formats are supported, including support for overtime hours with support for multiple calendars.

Payroll Integrations

Payroll system REST services API implemented using latest technolgies enables easy integration with other payroll systems.


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