ACOMMERCE® Agile Projects &

Portfolio Management

With support for complete Application Lifecycle Management.

Kanban Tracking

Easily track status of work items using Sprints and Kanban based view.

Iterative Implementation

Using iterative methodology, projects can be implemented more efficiently.

Team Velocity & Timesheets

Manage team and schedule allocation in the most effective and economical manner.

Release Management

All project items being deployed in each release can be managed effectively.

ACommerce® Agile Project Management Overview (click to view)

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Secure web based system, that helps to efficiently track and manage multiple projects implementation with best Return on Investment (ROI).

Project Portfolio Management

  • Project Schedule Management

    Organization's can orchestrate, prioritize and benefit from implementation of projects with high ROI or other mandates.

  • Project Resources allocation

    Manage Resources assignment and schedule allocation in the most effective and economical manner.

  • Project Gates and Iterations

    Using iterative methodology, in combination with multiple phases (Gates) projects can be implemented more efficiently.

  • Release Management

    All Project items being deployed in each Release including, Business Requirements, Backlogs, Issues, Defects and Test sets can be managed via Release Management.

Application Features

  • Manage Backlog and Work Tasks

    Derive Backlog's from Business Requirements. Also supports Upstream and Downstream Traceability.

  • Issue and Defect Tracking

    Track Issues and Defects using multiple criteria like Priority, Impact and other parameters.

  • Testing Management

    Support available for different modes of testing, including Unit Testing, Regression Testing and Integration Testing.

  • Multiple Requirement Types

    Track different Requirement Types like Business Requirements, Stakeholder Requirements, Functional ,Non-Functional, UI Requirements and others.

Agile Methodology enabled Project Portfolio Management Suite that supports complete Application Lifecycle Management with support for multiple levels of security access controls.

Agile Project Management features

Advanced Analytics

Big data processing support for analyzing data from multiple projects and with support for generation of multiple types of reports, enables project managers to efficiently manage & track projects, and also better engage and bring project teams closer to the business.

Release Management

Complete Application Lifecycle Management with, multi level change controls, with document management and audit trails, can help manage scope, time and budget, and any other factors that impact project schedule and budget, and help reduce any project risk's.

Kanban based Tracking

Track and Manage status of work items using Kanban based view, which also enables better collaboration between teams. For accurate project invoicing, timesheets can be tracked at Project work items level.

Work Items Traceability

Track both Upstream and Downstream traceability across all work items. Derive Backlog's from Business Requirements. Also via Release management, track all work items being deployed in each release.


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