ACOMMERCE® Enterprise Software

  • Supply Chain Management
  • ECommerce Shopping Cart
  • Manufacturing Workflow
  • Warehouse Management
  • Assets Management
  • HR Management
  • CRM
  • Agile Project Management
  • Business Process Workflow
ERP Modules

ACommerce® Cloud Enabled Software

ACommerce cloud enabled enterprise software suite provides secure web based system, that helps to efficiently manage people, resources, information, that deal with the movement of a product or service from supplier to customer and helps optimize the supply chain in the most cost-effective way, helping companies to build a competitive edge.

Secure Cloud software provides enterprise wide functions which includes the following

Increased Efficiency

Increase the efficiency across the Enterprise with advanced cloud based software that will help reduce the costs and improve the productivity, and be more competitive.

Advanced Security

Advanced Security settings with multiple organization's support provide control over the data that users can view, add, edit, and delete.

Reporting & KPI's

Advanced reports and KPIs help measure business performance using quantifiable metrics, tracking of which will have positive impact on business profitability.

Supply Chain Management View Details

  • Inventory Management with Multiple Sites

    Track Inventory at multiple sites at SKU level, along with support for multiple aisle and bin's.

  • Assets Inventory Tracking

    Track all fixed assets across the enterprise with multiple tracking options including barcode Id tracking.

  • Manage Suppliers and Distributors

    Implement efficient strategy & configuration for managing Suppliers and Distributors. Also based on advanced analytics reporting, track sales/purchases and maintain balanced inventory.

  • ECommerce Shopping Cart

    Sell the inventory to customers using customized shopping carts with advanced functionality. We also offer customization of shopping carts to match with the products and organization interests.

HR Management View Details

  • Recruiting and Screening

    Recruitment module helps automate the workflow from position opening through detailed employee on boarding.

  • Employee Self Service

    Employee Self Service system automates several tasks like updating address, taxes, skills, education and other personal info.

  • Performance Management

    Performance Management module supports 360 degree feedback approach.

  • Timesheets and Expenses

    Payroll and Benefits records including State and Federal taxes,can be tracked for all employees.

Agile Project Management View Details

  • Iterative Implementation

    Using iterative methodology, in combination with multiple phases (gates) projects can be implemented more efficiently.

  • Sprints and Kanban Tracking

    Track and manage status of work items using Kanban based view.

  • Team Velocity and Timesheets

    Manage tasks implementation at individual contribution level and generate different reports that will support efficient project implementation.

  • Release Management

    All Project items being deployed in each Release including, Business Requirements, Backlogs, Issues, Defects and Test sets can be managed via Release Management.

CRM View Details

  • Leads and Contact Management

    Manage Leads and Contacts generated from multiple sources.

  • Bids and Opportunity Management

    Track all Opportunities and Bids at different stages.

  • Sales Performance Management

    Centralized CRM data with well organized reports, increases sales and also helps organizations realize full potential of all marketing activities.

  • Multiple Industry CRM Support

    Customize the CRM according to organization needs based on products and services being provided to customers.

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