Customer Relationship
Management (CRM)
Increase sales with best customer support.

ACommerce Application

Leads & Contact Management

Tracks all leads and contacts generated from multiple sources.

Bids & Opportunity Management

Track all Bids and Opportunities at different stages.

Sales Performance Management

Increases Sales and realize full potential of all marketing activities.

Multiple Industry CRM Support

Customize CRM based on the primary industry of the organization.

Secure web based system, that enables to increase sales, and also helps manage opportunities, bids, campaigns, customer support with help desk, calendar and case management.

Campaign management

  • Marketing Campaigns

    Track multiple marketing Campaigns.

  • Campaign Lists

    Maintain separate contacts and organization Campaign lists. With good segmentation lists, based on multiple factors, will create a profiled campaign distribution.

  • Opportunities Management

    Track all Opportunities and Sales planning at different stages.

  • Bids and Contract Management

    Tracks details for all Bids being applied for. When completing Contract documents, track all communications with legal department for verifying the contract details.

Sales Management

  • Leads Generation

    Manage Leads generated from multiple sources.

  • Manage Contacts

    Tracks all contacts along with details for source of contact generation.

  • Support tickets Management

    Track all support issues being raised by customers and also track responses.

  • Calendar Management

    Track calls and Meetings with detailed meeting and follow up details.

CRM features

Work Orders

Manage all work orders from scheduling to tracking, for all services supported by the organization.

e-Sign Contracts

With support for online contracts signing with electronic signature, enables faster processing of contracts.

Multichannel Communications

Track Communication with customers, vendors and partners using a combination of indirect and direct communication channels.

Case Management

Track all service requests using ticket management module, including all history associated with the service request.


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Customer Relationship